Damn. Where'd the year go? I moved from Ottawa to Toronto last year and just after moving my Mother passed away. This, along with the lack of a place to work on the car, and a distinct lack of funds after moving threw a year monkey wrench in to the car.

Speaking of moving. I spent almost exactly one year in Toronto and now I'm married and living in San Francisco. We're renting a house with a garage. I miss my mechanic and his shop, but we're dealing with everything.

The car is finally getting some time. I've found a class where I can run it here. The NASA Pro Racing Super Unlimited class looks like the place for my car.

Okay, we left off with everything on the car but a new turbo and it's associated bits. Turns out that's one bloody expensive piece, especially if you screw up specing it out and ordering it.

So, at this moment, I have nearly everything I need to put the car back together. I'm lacking the _tangential undivided exhaust housing_, downpipe v-band clamp, and the intercooler and it's associated piping, but that's about it. Oh, yes, and the sheet metal required to fabricate a dash.

Sat Dec 2 18:02:01 PST 2000

Okay, let's see where I'm at. We have the car stripped, the wiring harness torn out, everything torn out, we need a bunch of stuff, but here's some words to the wise... when you get an HKS TO4 Undivided Manifold for these cars, you must use a Tangential Exhaust Housing. I'd also suggest using an HKS wastegate. I chose the Tial wastegate and now I have to find a welding shop that'll cut off the existing wastegate flange and weld on the Tial one.

I spent a bit of time on the phone with Brian Richards at M2 Performance and we was exceptionally helpful. In short, there's lots left to do. Wire up the car (computer and tail lights), get the manifold/flange done, install the turbo (have to sort out some water lines yet), build a downpipe, buy an intercooler, install the intercooler (have to sort out the piping issues), install the seats and harnesses, figure out what to do with the p/s plumbing, and eventually get a new rollcage built. In the meantime, I need to figure out where to mount the gauge cluster. It's not much if you say it fast, and there really isn't much hard work left, it's just time consuming.

In retrospect, I should have bought the HKS Turbo Upgrade and HKS Intercooler, and stuck with it until it showed it was too little and then upgraded it. Live and learn.