Tue Jan 2 10:11:12 PST 2001

Spent much of the New Years weekend running around buying misc parts and rewiring the Microtech ECU and the J&S Knock Sensor. The project is starting to come together finally. Atleast, I'm feeling a bit better about it as I get more done. I also managed to find the water fittings for the turbo. Looks like I'll have to modify the stock water fitting from the motor side of things to bring the water to the turbo. No biggie. The 60-1 CHRA had 3/8" pipe thread fittings... another guy on the 'net with a 60-1 had 3/8" NPT.

Now I'm searching for some 1/2" heater hose. I'll have to make up the oil line soon. Then the turbo can atleast be bolted up, which is a huge step forward.