take time - liner notes

produced and arranged by network

engineering by steve casey

recorded in steve's basement from the fall of 1993 to the fall of 1994. mixed by network, except for "say anything," "do it again," and "november skies" which were mixed by wayne bartlett (with kind care and patience).

mastered by wayne bartlett at sound venture productions, ottawa

some additional arrangements by wayne bartlett, barry meredith, & mark driscoll.

artwork & design by steve casey

photography by len douglas

additional photos by marty rivers, ron mcgillvray, dan mcneil and steve casey

a very special thanks to patrick vandenberg & leroy wissing from COREL COPRORATION for all of their hard work in preparing the "CD PLUS" portion of this CD

in june 1986 wayne took steve out to lunch and said: "hey why don't you guys come over to my house and record a single, ...you know, to promote yourselves and sell them off the stage." steve thinks: "hey, not a bad idea...i mean, how long could it possibly take?" ...so ladies & gentlemen, there you have the explanation for the album title.

over the past nine years we have seen the death and reincarnation of vinyl as the single changed to an e.p. ... to an album ... to a cassingle ... to a c.d. ... to finally the "c.d. plus" or cassette you should all be holding in your hands to read this :-). although the disc surely contains a multitude of technical imperfections, it is an honest interpretation of network's music and the hard work of people like wayne, grant, kevin, patrick, leroy, & len who offered their time & talent for free, ...buy it, you'll enjoy it.

[the above is mostly accurate, aside from some slight wording changes as i entered it to change it from steve talking to you, to my providing you with some inside [the cover :-)] information - glen mccready - glen@qnx.com]