about network...

		"Come up to me with your what did you say?
		 And I'll tell you straight in the eye...DIY"
			DIY - Peter Gabriel

Certainly the philosophy put forth by Mr. Gabriel is one shared by Network members Steve Casey and Dan McNeil. Not only were all the songs on their debut CD "Take Time" written by the pair, the disc was recorded, engineered, and mixed, with graphics designed, video produced, directed, shot and edited by them as well.

Since beginning in the late 80's the two have bucked the trends by not following any. It's too easy these days to join the ranks of "the next big thing" and that's what makes "Take Time" such a treat. Songwriters Steve Casey and Dan McNeil have carefully crafted a melodic mixture that ranges from pop/rock (November Skies & Say Anything) to jazzy reflections (Take Time) to sensitive ballads (Monday Comes Again & Do It Again).

The pair, over the past few years have had their share of accolades as well, as Network has shown a consistent success in the local Ottawa music scene;

September 1989
Grand prize winners in the inaugural 54 Rock Homegrown competition for the song "On My Radio."
July 1991
Second prize in Ottawa's Energy 1200 Band Warz competition. (Their single "Almost Home" is chosen as the National Band Warz "pick of the week.")
April 1992
First Place in Ottawa's "Money in the music" competition for the song "November Skies".
June 1993
Second place in the local Band Warz competitions for the song "Say Anything".
August 1995
First place in the Majic 100 songwriting competition for the song "So Long To See".
October 1995
Third place in the National Songwriting Championship sponsored by Standard Radio Inc. and Mix 99.9 FM in Toronto for the song "So Long To See."

Presently managed by Freeway Entertainment in Toronto, Network's "coming out" has no begun as their current schedule involves securing a distribution/publishing agreement as well as producing and directing their own videos for the CD (and of course, writing new material).

[The above was blatantly stolen from Network's promotional/press kit.]