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Currently I'm working at VMware ... back to doing OS kernel work finally, and really enjoying it! The folks are super smart and the work is interesting; it's a nice change from the scramble in recent times.

For people curious about the skills I use when I'm working, check out my CV (aka resume)!

0xdeadbeef Mailing List

I run a mailing list called the very geeky name of 0xdeadbeef. It's nothing more than a collection of things that I find amusing or interesting... check it out. Subscribe!


We're thinking of visiting Calgary, AB where I was born... in 2000 we went to Australia for a late-honeymoon. It was a great time. We tend to take small weekend getaways rather than long vacations... Monterey, CA, USA is one of our favorite weekend spots. Or hopping around Mendicino County...

Ice Hockey

None of this roller hockey stuff. Ice hockey is where it's at. And I play a lot of it if at all possible. Julie is even playing it now. We're both really enjoying it. Especially when we get the opportunity to play together. Check out Ice Oasis in Redwood City. Or Yerba Buena in San Francisco.

In the SF area, you have to check out East-West Hockey for skate sharpening and equipment needs.

In other news, two great friends of mine, Kathy and Chrissy Sands, are off at school now... Northeastern University in Boston... playing Divison 1 College Hockey. I miss seeing them at the Ice Oasis all the time, but while trying to check up on them, I found this article about them from a local newspaper.


I like to spend a lot of my "spare" cash (ha!) on cars. Years ago I got in to autocross and racing. Now I'm working on getting my '87 RX-7 Turbo II prepped for NASA Pro Racing's Super Unlimited class, where it will run at Laguna Seca, Sears Point and Thunderhill.

The '87 is way behind schedule so we bought an '83 RX-7 to run in the Pro7 class... unfortunately, our trailer was stolen and I didn't even manage to get my race license together last year.

On March 26, 2003, we decided that we didn't have enough vehicles in the stable and we bought a 1991 Mazda Miata. 124Kmi, but in good shape. It's a happy little car. Check out these Miata links.



Wow. I almost forgot that some of these pictures were online. They're quite old now. The link above has some newer ones. It's nearly time to fire up the camera again and see if we can't get a few more photos.


My father, Ronald Glen Lang McCready passed away June 3rd, 1995, from cancer. My mother, Wendy Christine McCready, passed away roughly July 7th, 1999, from heart disease. I miss them both very much.

Network - A friends band in Ottawa

A friend of mine, Steve Casey, has a band called Network. Here's a pretty nasty little page I whipped up one night. But their music is great.

More E-mail

Well now, all that said, if anybody wants to get in touch with me and increase my e-mail load a bit more, you can contact me at gkm@pobox.com or gkm@petting-zoo.net.

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