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This page lists pick-up and drop-in lessons available in the San Francisco Bay Area that are suitable for beginner & (low-end) intermediate adult hockey players.


  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday 11:15-1:15 sje skate & shoot (a) 12-1:30 sj pick-up (a)  
Tuesday 11:15-1:15 sje skate & shoot (a)
12:10-1:35 rwc pick-up (b) 
Wednesday   12:10-1:35 rwc pick-up (a) 6:30 sf hockey skills (i)
Thursday 10-11:15 sje pick-up (u)
11:15-1:15 sje skate & shoot (a)
12-1:30 sj pick-up (a)  
Friday 7-8:30 cup pick-up (u)
7-8:30 sm pick-up (u)
11-12 cup skate & shoot (a)
11-12 sm skate & shoot (a)
11:15 sf pick-up (u) 
12-1 sm pick-up (a) **
12-1:30 sj pick-up (a)
12:10-1:35 rwc pick-up (a)
10:15pm-11:45pm oak pick-up (b,i)
in the Olympic-sized rink
Saturday     5:00 rwc pick-up (b)
6-7 sje pick-up (u)
6:30 rwc skating skills + scrimmage (b, i)
7:55 rwc stick handling & shooting (i)
9:05 rwc pick-up (i)
10:15-11:15 sje pick-up (u)
Sunday 6:45am sf pick-up (u)   6:00pm sje pick-up (a) - players seperated on lines according to skill levels ($13.00)

 For more information (pricing, location, confirm times & schedule):

Belmont Ice Land
Not listed on calendar, but Sun/Tue nights "Al" runs a beg/int pickup, which may have room for another person.
Thurs/Fri nights are upper-intermediate games.
Mon night is a closed contact game, which might be fun to watch.
Check out their calendar or call for details.

Cupertino - Vallco Ice Chalet

Oakland Ice Center

Redwood City - Ice Oasis - home page - adult skills schedule - pick-up schedule

San Francisco - Yerba Buena Ice Rink - home - pick-up schedule - Faultline adult hockey league

San Jose Ice Centre - home page - pick-up schedule

San Jose Eastridge Ice Arena - home page - hockey schedule

San Mateo - Bridgepointe Ice Chalet

Vacaville Skating Center
(not listed on table because it's farthar away than most of us would travel, but they've got a nice list of pick-up times)